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Friday, November 6, 2009
Cures For Colic - Three Simple Ways to Calm Your Baby

There are many tried and true tricks that can help you soothe a colicky baby. Some are more effective than others, as all babies are different. The common denomiator in surviving this stressful time is patience.
The cures for colic tricks listed below assisted me with my child who was extremely difficult.
The Colic Hold
This way of holding the infant is particularly effective and soothing if comfortable for the parent. The child lies face-down and the arm of the parent or caregiver is slipped between the legs up the body, with the infant's belly resting on the underside of the forearm. The hand is used the support the head and neck of the child. It is believed that the pressure on the belly may help relieve some of the discomfort of an immature digestive tract and may help gases pass more smoothly.
The Bicycle Exercise
This cures-for-colic trick was effective in soothing my colicky baby. Find a secure, flat surface (floor, changing table, couch, etc.) Place baby on her back and grab her little feet, moving them gently in a circular bicycling motion. It may take a few minutes but the motion does help. This encourages gas to pass down and out.
Sometimes colic is due to an immature digestive tract contracting violently when gas is passed. The pain and pressure can be relieved by simethicone-based anti-gas medicines which are safe to dispense after each feeding with baby. There are also cures-for-colic tablets that can be dissolved in baby's mouth that are herbal, which you can find at any drugstore. It is important to read dosage instructions carefully and check with your baby's pediatrician before dispensing any type of medication to baby.
For more information about cures for colic, you can visit:
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Baby Care - Why Does My Newborn Have an "Outie" Belly Button?

Why do some babies have "innie" belly buttons and others have "outies"? Is it because the doctor pulled the cord in a certain way at delivery? Is it because that clamp they put on the umbilical cord was too tight? "Outie" belly buttons are not caused by pulling on the umbilical cord or from anything you do to it.
An "Outie" belly button is determined to be that way at approximately 6 weeks gestation when all of the abdominal contents are outside the body. While the fetus is forming, it performs some amazing and miraculous feats as it turns inside out and folds over on itself many many times. At approximately 6 weeks of pregnancy, your baby's abdominal contents pass through the hole in the stomach we call the belly button and then, when it is ready, migrates back into the abdomen completing that part of fetal development. When the abdominal contents move back into the body, sometimes a little tissue is left on the surface and it becomes and "outie."
Sometimes, a glitch occurs in the baby's development and the abdominal contents get stuck outside of the body until the baby is born. This is considered a medical emergency and the baby will require surgery soon after birth. So, if an "outie" belly button is all your baby has, it is a blessing!
There is nothing you can do to change or get rid of an "outie" and Grandma's recommended belly band & silver dollar does not work. An "outie" belly button is a unique part of your baby's physical makeup and will get smaller as your baby gets older.
Ann Lewis, ARNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Certified Life Coach (CTA), Mental Health Counseling Student, Expert AuthorBlog: Child's Play Parenting:
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A Little About Baby Blankets and Their Use

Markets are full of adorable and unbelievable variety of baby stuff. Many popular brands make beautiful baby products and designers are also making baby items nowadays. Baby blankets are one of the most commonly bought baby item. Blankets for babies come in beautiful range of colors and designs and the cost of blankets varies according to the size, quality, and design of blankets. Designer blankets are also very popular but are usually quite expensive.
If you are planning to buy a gift for new born baby then blankets can be a good option as they are an essential item in baby's shopping. Every mother would love to get baby blanket as a gift on baby shower. Baby blankets not only keep the babies warm but also make it easy to carry the baby.
There is a wonderful variety available to choose from. They are all specially designed for babies to keep them warm and easy. They make ideal gifts and are of different types like; receiving blankets, swaddling, security, personalized and crochet blankets. All of these are made for different requirements and of different material so that you can choose one according to your own requirement.
The receiving blankets are the simplest of all and are usually of smaller size. Swaddling are large sized blankets used to wrap up the baby to keep him safe and secure as well as warm. Security blankets keep the babies secure and are best to use while traveling.
They have a soft lining that the babies enjoy and it keeps the baby calm and comfy. Personalized blankets are quite unique and are popularly used as gifts. They may have names printed on the blanket or even photos can be made on these personalized blankets. Crochet blankets are also admired and loved by moms. These stylish blankets can be made at home if you know this art.
Learn more about crochet baby blankets.
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