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Friday, November 6, 2009
Baby Strollers

Here I am, writing about baby strollers. I am thinking to myself, What is there to write about? A product review? A promotion for one stroller or another? Do strollers warrant their own article? What is going to be angle? What can I bring to the table that others have not? In addition, I will not insult your intelligence by writing the obvious. If you read this article, it means that you have done some research about strollers, and I do not want to waste your time by restating what others have written.
I researched for material that was available online, I observed babies, mothers, and strollers intensely, in the hopes of finding an anthropological (my undergraduate degree in anthropology might come handy) angle in preparation for this article.
I became aware of many things regarding strollers that I did not know before. So this will become a series of "Did you know?" points.
Did you know about these?
Studies about strollers:
The Los Angeles Times recited a study about the adverse affects the stroller has on the babies. Because of the convenience of the stroller, parents keep the babies and toddlers in the stroller too long, therefore, it adds to the obesity factor.
Another study from the U.K. suggests that toddlers spend a lot of time in the strollers and Mommies do not talk to them as much; and they grow up to be children with social issues, do not bond as well.
Special Needs strollers:
We have strollers specializing and accommodating babies with special needs; with extra support because of poor muscle tone. One of my children was a "special needs" child. In those days, strollers were of the very basic pram or umbrella. Gosh, it would have helped so much having a stroller with pockets which medicine could have been stored.
Double or Triple strollers:
This specialty stroller is designed for families with more than one child in the toddler/baby stage. The seats are arranged either side by side or one behind the other fashion.
Travel Systems:
Strollers are so much more sophisticated today than ever before, with the incorporation of functionality which transforms the stroller from tram (baby carriage) to a sitting stroller to a car seat. Hence the label "travel systems".
Safety Features:
Today, the safety features include better cushions, better safety belts, bumpers, air filled tires, swivel wheels, brakes, and more. Speaking of brakes, it is a huge improvement over the brick masquerading as brakes. If I would use my first stroller today, surely CPS would decent on me in a New York minute.
Strollers and Sports:
Today you can take your baby on your jogging trail with you, or go cycling. Yes, there are specialized, durable strollers for the runner, the skater, and the cyclist. I am waiting for the swimmer to have floating strollers.
Pet Strollers:
Yes, that is right. If you are tired of carrying your pooch in a carrying bag, you can always get that special pet stroller. Actually the only convincing argument for a pet stroller that I found was for handicapped pet use.
Strollers can go from $20 for a used one to a staggering $1,000.
Folks, I think I covered most of the stuff I uncovered regarding strollers, and avoided giving any advice. Until now. I strongly suggest that you do your market research when you are ready to buy a stroller, which will be as soon as you have your baby. In addition, I implore upon you the Consumer Product Safety Commission for any recall details regarding your stroller. It is easy to do, just visit
God bless,
For more information and deals about strollers, please visit
Thank you,Tova
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Best Developmental Toys For Your 1 Or 2 Year Old

As soon as a child turns one, the increase in mobility also results in higher curiosity levels. All 1-2 year-olds love exploring the world around them. They try their best to figure out what all is happening around them. Also categorized as terrible twos, this age asserts their independence and children show marked improvements in their communication and developmental skills.
Although this tantrum throwing phase is frustrating for parents sometimes but it stands for the individuality of the children. By now, they have their favorite toys, games and activities to keep them engaged. While playing forms a major part of their day, their toys need to focus on development at all levels. Here are the kinds of developmental toys that are best suited for your 1 - 2 year olds:
Pushing, riding and rocking
Your child has just learned walking and is trying to gain control over his or her pace. The push toys like play gyms, wheeled toys help in developing strong leg and arm muscles with the freedom to traverse the world around. Similarly, riding and rocking toys work on gross motor skills and enhance the child's capabilities.
Manipulative toys
With advanced physical development, their mental and psychological skills are also growing distinctively at this age. So toys that involve manipulation and use of brain are the best developmental toys for young children. Shape sorters, stacking toys, nesting toys, bucket filling activities not only improve the dexterity and hand eye coordination but also rub their grey cells.
1-2 year olds love to use colored pens and draw to their heart's content. Give them crayons and paper and you will see them having fun as if nothing else exists. This brings out the creativity and imagination of the children. You can give them safe and washable versions to maintain hygiene.
Stuff toys and dolls
Children at this age start forming affinity towards life like things. They enjoy playing with stuff toys like bears, cats, dogs and dolls. These toys offer them the opportunity of enacting things that they witness around them along with exploring their emotional side. Don't be surprised if you one day see your baby offering his or her milk bottle to the bear.
Action reaction toys
Toys like bat and ball, pound a ball, marble running rails allow children to understand the basics of action and reaction. They improve your child's hand eye coordination, motor skills, stimulation skills and reflexes.
Some toys are just fun while others offer developmental advantages for your 1-2 year olds. It is your responsibility to offer a proper mix to your children so that they develop, learn and have fun all at the same time.
If you are interested in these and other learning toys please go to Great Kid Gifts.
Troy James MacraftGreat Kid Gifts
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