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Friday, November 6, 2009
The tradition of throwing a baby shower has been around for centuries. No matter how times have changed and practices differ from culture to another, the main purpose of celebrating a baby shower remains the same: to welcome a new little bundle of joy as well as to honor the expectant parents-to-be.
There is no doubt that showers are such a joyous event. Family and friends gather together to share in the joy of the happy couple with lots of fun and laughter. Playing games, eating foods, and having a great entertainment are usually the happenings during a shower. The deeper meaning or purpose of a shower, however, doesn't only stop there. Celebrating such occasion is also an opportunity for family members and friends to give useful advices, support and of course baby shower gifts to the parents-to-be.
The Baby Shower Favors
Planning a shower require several essential items, including baby shower favors. Such items are meant to give to all the guests as a thank you gift for sharing their precious time with the expectant parents. Baby shower favors, if taken with care and attention, can make a meaningful token of the occasion, that can help guests remember the event for years to come. Shopping for shower favors involve finding the most appropriate favors for a specific type of shower. Since most of children's parties these days, including showers, are following different themes, it would be very ideal to choose a favor accordingly.
When choosing the right baby shower favors, a hostess should keep in mind the type of baby shower she will be hosting. Such event can be either formal or less formal, depending on the expectant parent's desire. She can plan a shower following a creative and fun theme of cartoons, fairytale, sports, jungle or etc. Whatever the theme may be, it is a must to find and select the appropriate favors, which will complete the entire celebration.
Baby shower favors need not be extravagant nor lavish, but should be memorable. There are lots of inexpensive, adorable items that can make excellent shower favors. Consider cute baby items such as bibs, pacifiers, mini picture frames, baby booties or socks, diapers and the likes. If handled creatively, such items can make practical, yet adorable keepsakes of the shower. For example, baby bibs can be personalized with the details of the shower, making decorative or even useful favors that guests can use after the shower has ended.
Of course, there are so many favor ideas available out there that are designed to serve as keepsakes of showers. Usually available are votive candles, mini picture frames, soaps, glass or crystal favors, mini stuffed toys, favor bags or boxes and so on. Most of these shower favors can be personalized with the name of the baby, shower day and a personal message. To see some more favor ideas, browse the Internet and visit a favorite specialty online store, where baby gifts such as baby gift baskets and shower favors are widely offered.
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